Stoptober: or Fall Comes to Egypt

Now that I have a blog up and running, I plan to write a lengthy post in the next day or so.  Until then, I’ll leave you with a short summary of my time in Cairo.

1) Egypt, and Cairo specifically, is an incredible place full of open and loving individuals; ready smiles, support, and love abound. This place feeds my soul in such a way that I didn’t realize how starved it was.  My first day I was told, “this place gets inside you,” and each day I have felt it.

2) Egyptian liquor is not to be trusted.  When in Cairo, have a beer, or three, there are three local varieties, or a glass of Egyptian wine. Preferably any sort of white.

3) Before I left Seattle, I had a lot of questions about the risk I might be taking in moving to Cairo.  Thank you to everyone who cared, and asked, to you and everyone else I will say, Cairo is really very safe.  The biggest risk to my health, so far, is riding in a taxi where access to a seat belt is not guaranteed.  Inshallah (God willing)!!

4) Things fall apart, and things fall together. “Inshallah” is a glorious way to summarize our inability as humans to appropriately plan for the future.  “I’ll have my visa next week, Inshallah.”




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