Moving on.

What follows is my first post from my original blog… Due to a silly misunderstanding, deleting my e-mail account linked to that blog, I have had to create a new one.

July 25, 2014

Moving on is hard to do.

I’ve spent this week thinking about how I am going to make my work exit and not knowing how.  The last time I left a place with such finality, I recall a close friend of M’s shouting invective, along with helpful hints.  Each word punctuated by sobs.

“You need to eat your fish because you don’t remember anything. Simone, make sure he eats his fish.”

This time, I feel like I’ve taken her place in the “crazy lady full of emotion” category.  I’ve already been told to, “stop picking fights.” Twice.

Seattle, I’m not done with my investigation.

Until next time, Friends.

All the love.


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